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Master Gluteus

The 1FE094 Master Gluteus allows you to perform 3 different movements for your lower body with 3 settings that adapt to your body size and strength level. All with a single device! Depending upon the muscles you want to train, you can emphasise the glutes, the buttocks, the back of the thigh, and thigh muscles.

T-Bar Row

Panatta’s T-Bar Row features chest support with gas assisted pantograph height adjustment with multiple grips. It is designed to work with the physiological load curve. Independent levers with blocking system allow for unilateral or bilateral exercise.

Vertical Leg Press

The 1HP593 Vertical Leg Press has an adjustable back in 3 positions. Its platform has an adjustment inclination and support handle, with an easier starting system that includes a safety lever and lateral support grips. The run limit is adjustable in 5 positions.

Glutes Hip Thrust

The Panatta Glutes Hip Thrust machine allows you to perform the thrust movement of the hips and to train the back muscles of the thighs. The adjustable footrest and the tilting backrest follows the movement of the user, which allows them to particularly focus on the glutes. This machine allows a workout that focuses on the rear muscles of the thigh with specific activation of the glutes. This is with a reduced pressure of the hamstring muscles, making easier the isolation of the buttocks.

Standing Multi Flight

The 1FE028 Standing Multi Flight offers many advantages that render the training of the shoulders, chest and back both more productive for the muscles. It is less risky for the joints, compared to dumbells, providing a proper match between the strength of the muscle and the resistance of the machine. Placement of the axis of the pulleys can be positioned perfectly at the height of your shoulders. This adjustment is affected effortlessly through a counterweight system. This cancels the mass of the moving parts. According to the exercises you wish to perform as well as the range of motion you want to use, the second adjustment concerns the slope of inclination of the movable arms.

Dual System Free Weight

The Power Smith Machine Dual System Free Weight features dual work out positions. Both the horizontal bench press and declined bench press have gas assisted inclination adjustment for 0, minus 9, and minus 18 degrees. You can track with horizontal adjustments and 14 positions with retractable ergonomic rolls.

Dual System Upper

The 1HP122 Power Smith Dual System Upper has 6 weight holders and docks for elastics. This machine features a dual workout position of both inclined bench press and shoulder press. You can track with horizontal adjustment with 9 inclined and 9 shoulder positions. The seat has gas assisted height adjustment as well as gas assisted inclination adjustment to 38, 44, and 80 degrees.

Rear Delt

The Panatta Back Deltoids workout machine features optional disc holders. It is well counterbalanced and has supporting independent levers. It is designed with a physiological load curve with a pantograph progressive system. Its seat has gas-assisted height adjustments.


The Atlantis Multi-Forearm is a part of the precision series, featuring 4 stations in one. This machine is designed for wrist curls as well as forearm supination and pronation, with a roll up bar and gripping lever for all your arm day workouts. Expect optimal performance due to its strategically designed handle finish.

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